Ad hoc, proactive or full service


Ad hoc

No obligations, but no priority. If you experience a problem we try to solve it with best effort service.

Price per hour

The first thirty minutes are always charged, additionally every fifteen minutes. We can not guarantee fixed prices for a break-fix.

Best effort

We give no guarantees for the break-fix helpdesk. Our technicians come to your site or solve your problem through remote screen control according to best effort.

Travel Expenses

We charge every 10 kilometers. Within a radius of 10 km you pay 10 euro travel expenses. Every 10 km added are charged an additional 10 euro.


popular choice


Your workstations and servers are monitored and maintained. You will receive priority helpdesk support and the possibility to sign up for a Service Level Agreement.

Basic Monitoring (free)

With our basic monitoring suite we can remotely maintain your computer and receive notifications of basic problems on your system. We can easily do a screen takeover through this module. You get this module for free when you choose Proactive Support. For this you must purchase at least one paying service.


We maintain your systems and servers periodically in a very thorough and structured manner, according to an agreed upon schedule. Problems are reduced 90% through periodic maintenance.


Antivirus software for all your computers, advanced firewalls for your network, automatic patch management and automation.


Priority support

You will receive priority helpdesk support for all your problems, remote as well as on location.

SLA options

You have the possibility to opt in for a Service Level Agreement. In this we provide guarantees regarding to response times.

Advanced monitoring

By choosing the advanced monitoring option for your business-critical systems, such as servers and workstations, we can see at a glance what is going on with your systems and we can troubleshoot quickly and focused.

Weekly or monthly reports

You can opt for periodic reports on different levels.

24/7 support possibility

You have the option to opt for 24/7 support, which gives you access to an emergency number.


Full Service

A monthly fixed rate per workstation and server, including working hours and maintenance. Always priority service, no surprises.

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